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A silicone sealant is essentially an adhesive available in liquid form. It has a gel-like texture and its USP is that it offers resistance against weathering, chemicals and moisture. As a result, it is widely used for building and repairing purposes.

ASMACO has committed to product portfolio diversification; their products are headlined by Silicone Sealants, Weather Sealants, Spray Paints, Insect Killer…and the list keeps on growing.  ASMACO is one of our most trusted vendors for its dedication to integrating technical innovation with internationally-affiliated developments and advancements across the different product categories.

For customers looking for quick-fix solutions, DR. FIXIT has answers aplenty. Headquartered in India, the brand has established itself in public memory because of its wide-ranging waterproofing solutions and other instant-repair products. Whether you want repair/renovate products or new construction supplies, DR. FIXIT has excellent selections in both categories.

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