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Fasteners are versatile products and that’s why they are available in so many sizes and shapes. Looking for innovative, long-lasting and cost-effective industrial fastener solutions? Let us guide you and supply you with the well-suited fasteners sourced from the world’s most well-known brands in this product category.

EXPANDET is a brand of the Danish conglomerate SENCO. EXPANDET boasts of an impressive lineup of hardware products and tools. EXPANDET has proved its mettle in product categories including mechanical fixings, chemical fasteners, light fixings, gas-actuated tools, screws, drill bits, insulation fixings, threaded rods, etc.

FISCHER’s long lineup of innovative fasteners, plugs, and anchors (among other products) is both versatile and friendly; you could be an experienced craftsman, structural engineer/planner, retailer, or a layman who likes DIY activities, FISCHER fasteners, plugs, and anchors are compatible with one and all.

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