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To join two or more objects in an effective yet non-permanent way, engineers rely on construction fasteners to do the job. Construction fasteners are typically manufactured in three varieties – carbon steel, stainless steel, and carbon alloy. Depending on the project, professionals use different types of fasteners. Anchors, bolts, studs, screws, nuts, and washers are all categorized as construction fasteners. Owing to the high demand for these products, we have collaborated with EXPANDET and FISCHER brands for the same.

FISCHER’s long lineup of innovative fasteners, plugs, and anchors (among other products) is both versatile and friendly; you could be an experienced craftsman, structural engineer/planner, retailer, or a layman who likes DIY activities, FISCHER fasteners, plugs, and anchors are compatible with one and all.

EXPANDET has proved its mettle in product categories including mechanical fixings, chemical fasteners, light fittings, gas-actuated tools, screws, drill bits, insulation fixings, threaded rods, etc.

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