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Construction chemicals such as adhesives, sealants, protective coatings, waterproofing solutions, etc, are an integral element in construction processes. Use of high-quality and reliable construction chemicals guarantees a high degree of concrete quality and strength, and provide durability to the structures wherein they are used. We have umpteen clients who approach us with requirements for advanced and top-quality construction chemicals. We have tied up with the following brands that are specialists in this product category. DR. FIXIT has wide-ranging waterproofing solutions and other instant-repair products. Whether you want to repair/renovate products or new construction supplies, DR. FIXIT has excellent selections in both categories. With regards to DR. FIXIT and our association, they provide us with top-quality construction chemicals and sealing compounds. FEVICOL has extensive product lines – industrial resins, footwear adhesives, industrial bonding solutions, and much more. HENKEL POLYBIT has different types of membranes, protection boards, bituminous coatings, liquid coatings, waterstops, pipe wrapping tapes, and primers.

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