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Chemical anchors are primarily fastened to concrete and other similar materials. Good quality chemical anchors guarantee safe installation, and are necessary in critical and high-load fixings. Owing to the surging demand for chemical anchors, we have collaborated with two of the most established specialist providers – EXPANDET and FISCHER. EXPANDET has its signature style and technologies embedded in construction fasteners, construction plugs, and chemical anchors. EXPANDET has proved its mettle in product categories including mechanical fixings, chemical fasteners, light fixings, gas-actuated tools, screws, drill bits, insulation fixings, threaded rods, etc. FISCHER’s long lineup of innovative fasteners, plugs, and anchors (among other products) is both versatile and friendly; you could be an experienced craftsman, structural engineer/planner, retailer, or a layman who likes DIY activities, FISCHER fasteners, plugs, and anchors are compatible with one and all.

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