Available in these Brands

Need adhesives to make things stick? We have active vendor-buyer partnerships with some of the best-selling world-class brands that specialize in high-quality adhesive products. AMBERSIL is one of our trusted sources for adhesives; overall it specializes in adhesives, paints, lubricants, anti-corrosion products, car care agents, release agents, welding products, and much more.

ARALDITE is our primary source for procuring adhesives and epoxy glues. We rely on PARABOND for specially-formulated products which have components that ensure that the adhesives stick on all kinds of flooring surfaces – primarily carpet, luxury vinyl, resilient, and wood.

With the SIKA brand, we get multipurpose and anchoring adhesive varieties. And lastly, there is FEVICOL that offers adhesive solutions useful for all types of wood materials.

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