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When it comes to sticking around, adhesive glues do it better than anything else. With our vast industrial experience, we know and understand that our customers want top-grade glues to use in their industrial and home projects. As a result, we have inked productive deals with two of the world’s best brands in this matter – BISON and GRIPFILL.

The BISON adhesive products have continued to remain a prime adhesive choice in homes, offices, industries, etc. Whether you need to repair, fix, secure, stick, assemble, or seal anything that’s made of paper, cardboard, fabric, leather, or wood, you can always count on BISON adhesives to give you the desired result.

On the other hand, GRIPFILL adhesives are good news for all solid building materials. Be it ferrous or non-ferrous metals, stone, skirting boards, electrical conduits, or bonds plasterboards.

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